CAG Leadership

About CAG Leadership…

The Newtown Creek CAG is led by two co-chairs and a steering committee, consisting of individuals and organization representatives who are recognized as community leaders interested in remedial activities at Newtown Creek Superfund site. For details on the roles and responsibilities of co-chairs and steering committee members, and for an explanation of how steering committee members and co-chairs are nominated, see the CAG’s operating procedures. The CAG co-chairs organize and lead the CAG’s efforts. Co-chairs serve one-year terms and are eligible to serve an unlimited number of terms.

Current CAG Co-Chairs:
Ryan Kuonen
Willis Elkins

Past CAG Co-Chairs:
Kate Zidar (2012-2013)
Mike Schade (2013-2016)

Current Steering Committee Members:
Leah Archibald
Lisa Bloodgood
Sean Dixon
Willis Elkins
Christine Holowacz
Ed Kelly
Ryan Kuonen
Rich Mazur
Paul Pullo
Mike Schade
Jean Tanler
Mitch Waxman


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